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Keep our graduates here: Build A Robust Offshore Wind Industry

Lowell Sun: New England is home to some of the first and finest colleges and universities in the nation. We are also the home of the nation’s first offshore wind farm. But this small, five-turbine 30-megawatt (MW) facility off the … Continue reading

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1st US offshore wind farm to usher in new era for industry The nation’s first offshore wind farm is set to open off the coast of Rhode Island this fall, ushering in a new era in the U.S. for the industry. Full story here

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Converging Energy and the Internet of Things

Tech lingo is trendy – remember “intra-net” and “cyber-space”? – these days it is hard to read any business or technology news without coming across the phrase the “Internet of Things.” Usually it is mentioned in the context of the … Continue reading

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Youth and Renewable Energy

This past week a University of Texas poll showed yet again that there is a generation gap out there. Conducted in September, the poll showed that over 65% of young Americans prefer candidates who support reducing dependence on fossil fuel, … Continue reading

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37% rate hike for electric customers in Massachusetts.

It was really cold in New England last winter and so electric prices for National Grid customers are going to go up 37% in anticipation of more of the same this winter. Other local utilities are expected to announce the … Continue reading

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Long Distance Offshore Transmission Breaking New Ground

It wasn’t that long ago that the ideal of transmitting electricity long distances was limited to 100 miles or so making the need for electricity production to be close to the user base. With the advent of offshore wind in … Continue reading

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Ocean Readiness

The development of offshore renewable energy is a new industry for North America with the first projects currently working their way through the development process. In Europe however constructing utility scale offshore wind farms has been underway for well over … Continue reading

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Advances in Marine Hydro-Kinetic (MHK) technology

I had the opportunity to attend the Global Marine Renewable Energy Conference held earlier this month (April 15-18) in Seattle. For those who haven’t been it is the only US national conference I am aware of which has the Marine … Continue reading

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US Grid Security? Everything is Just Fine

On March 12 the Wall Street Journal published an article (subscription required) about the security of the US electricity grid and its extreme vulnerability. Later that day the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a statement criticizing the WSJ for its … Continue reading

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Understanding Offshore Project Risk through Data Management

The high cost of developing offshore wind is often sited as one of the main drawbacks for further adoption of the technology. There are several strong arguments which challenge this notion including the fact that it is an emerging sector … Continue reading

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