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US Offshore Wind Market Snapshot

There is a great deal of offshore wind activity underway on the east coast of the US and now the west coast as well. The AWEA Offshore Wind conference held this October in New Jersey was a very upbeat event … Continue reading

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Long Distance Offshore Transmission Breaking New Ground

It wasn’t that long ago that the ideal of transmitting electricity long distances was limited to 100 miles or so making the need for electricity production to be close to the user base. With the advent of offshore wind in … Continue reading

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Creating a Cost-Effective Offshore Wind Power Grid & Transmission Infrastructure: What are the practicalities?

The following is a transcript of a speech given by Bryan Sanderson, Senior Vice President, Anbaric Transmission at the Offshore Wind Power USA conference held February 2014 in Boston, Ma. Good morning, and thank you for giving me the opportunity … Continue reading

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US Grid Security? Everything is Just Fine

On March 12 the Wall Street Journal published an article (subscription required) about the security of the US electricity grid and its extreme vulnerability. Later that day the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a statement criticizing the WSJ for its … Continue reading

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