The Climate is Changing & Our Infrastructure is at Risk

Consider, the following:
• A recent MIT study showed a 100% increase in the intensity & duration of hurricanes and tropical storms since the 1970’s

• Hurricane Sandy is expected to cost over $50 Billion in damage, much of it to infrastructure such as the transmission grid

• According to the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment, 400,000 square miles of Arctic Ice, an area larger than many European countries, has melted in the last 30 years

• A US Federal study published in 2012 warns the U.S. power grid is vulnerable to terrorist attack

Whether or not you personally agree with the way Climate Change is handled by the media or politicians, I am sure we can all agree that something big seems to be happing with our environment. We might also agree that an over-dependence on fossil fuels for our fuel has had, and continues to have, serious impact on our regional economies and the way we fund the expansion and maintenance of the US transmission grid. The physical foundation of our way of life is decades out-of-date, underfunded and upgrades are increasingly impossible to permit.

In short: transmission is a significant national security risk, but not yet a national priority.

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