RenewableUK: Manchester 2013

The largest Offshore Wind trade show in the UK was held earlier this month in Manchester, England. Sponsored by the leading UK wind advocacy group, RenewableUK– the event brought together all of the leading offshore wind companies in the UK and a fair number of companies from the continent and Asia as well.

Some excellent new market research from RenewableUK was published at the event:Building an Industry, Updated Scenarios for Industrial Development gives a detailed picture of the current industry build out happening in the worlds leading offshore wind market. It paints a couple of scenarios: a build out of 13GW of offshore wind installed by 202 and a build our of 18GW by 2020. From there it breaks out the necessary supply chain implications, painting a clear picture of what the market will likely look like over the next 8 years.

On a more modest, but no less important note, Cape Wind announced an important milestone on June 19:

“PensionDanmark is funding a conditional investment commitment of 200 million USD in America’s first offshore wind farm, Cape Wind. The aim is to close the deal to construct the wind farm this year. The wind farm is to supply up to 500.000 households with power.”

The announcement goes on to say that financial close on the project is now anticipated with construction beginning as soon as this year.

It is not 12GW, but it is an important start – and like the UK, Europe, China, Japan, and Korea; once the industry gets its first projects underway the US market will not be far behind.

You can read the announcement here.

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