Operational Projects

The first set of projects which will be networked back to the German coast are as follows:

Alpha Ventus: (also known as Borkum West) Commissioned as the first German offshore wind farm in 2010. The construction phase proper was a brief 12 months, a pioneering feat in a location with a water depth of about 30 metres and a distance from the German coast of 60 kilometres.

Baltic 1: Germany’s first commercial offshore wind farm in the Baltic Sea. The project is located 16 km north of the peninsula Darß/Zingst on area extending over 7 km². With a total power of 48.3 MW annually, the project will produce 185 GWh of energy over a period of 30 years.

Breit­ling: Commissioned in 2006 as a De­mons­tra­ti­on wind en­er­gy plant wi­th “off­shore-si­mi­lar” con­di­ti­ons in the Ros­tock Über­see­ha­fen (Breit­ling wind en­er­gy plant) the Breitling wind en­er­gy plant has an out­put of 2.5 MW.

ENOVA Offshore Project Ems Emden: Germany’s first nearshore-wind-energy plant built in 2004, in the Ems River near the port area of Emden. The plant supplies approximately 4,200 households with electricity. The performance data, in terms of availability and energy output, has exceeded all expectations and has formed a solid foundation for the successful implementation of larger offshore projects at sea.

Hooksiel: Installed in 2008 this test and pilot wind turbine was installed off Hooksiel, some 400 metres from the levee. The generated power is fed into the gas and electricity plant in Wilhelmshaven via a 20-kV cable.

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