Whitman Consulting Group: Capability Overview

With over 35 years of combined experience covering all aspects of the offshore cable industry we bring a high level of knowledge and foresight to any installation project. Our specialties include – cable installation planning, project planning & review, project risk assessment & mitigation, and cable installation.

Atlas ROV: Photo Courtesy of Global Marine Systems ltd.

Whitman Consulting Group (WCG) has been involved in the marine power cable installation market since the inception of the European offshore energy market via its association with Global Marine Systems Ltd (GMSL). Global Marine installed cables at such projects as the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC), NordE. ON1, BritNed, StatoilHydro Gjøa , Horns Rev, Kentish Flats, Beatrice, EstLink, Barrow Wind Farm, OWEZ, Horns Rev 2, Gwynt y Mor and Global Tech 1. Prior to the sale of its energy business in late 2012 the Global Marine Energy business had been developed into arguably the leading independent installer of marine power cables in the world.

Joel Whitman, the founder of WCG was the former Strategic Director for Global Marine

CS Sovereign laying array cable

Systems Energy Ltd & CEO of Global Marine Energy Inc. Global Marine Systems Energy Ltd. was acquired by Prysmian Power Cables and Systems in late 2012.

Since completing its work with Global Marine Energy Inc., WCG has remained very active in the offshore power cable market on a number of fronts working with clients such as Maersk Line, Limited, Cal Dive International, LEEDCO and a majority of the developers participating in the Department of Energy offshore wind program. WCG is routinely sought out for participation and commentary by such groups as AWEA, NREL, UKTI, RenewableUK, Global Marine Energy Conferences, Greenpower and similar organizations.

WCG has a wide set of relevant supply chain and industry relationships. Examples of these are: project developers, cable manufacturers, ships operators, cable maintenance service suppliers, cable installers, cable protection manufacturers, transmission operators, offshore transmission operators (UK), cable specific subsea equipment designers and operators, government entities, labor, manning, cable centric training and development organizations, and industry advocacy groups.

Given our background, we are very familiar with managing project installation risk and have a well defined appreciation of the challenges associated with complex large scale power installation projects. . As such we are asked to advise on new project development or review an existing set of project materials. In either case, it is customary to focus on such areas as:

  • Route selection
  • Burial alternatives
  • Supply chain alternatives
  • Construction feasibility
  • Project risk identification and analysis
  • Offshore cable/site data management lifecycle
  • Operations, maintenance and repair planning
  • Vessel capabilities and alternatives
  • Equipment capability and alternatives
  • Common contracting issues
  • Community awareness

Contact us at: info@whitmancg.com

2014 WCG Capability Overview

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