Fara Courtney, Senior Advisor

Fara has extensive experience in strategic analysis and market development as well as the Founding Executive Director of the US Offshore Wind Collaborative.  Her background in both the public and private sectors related to clean energy and ocean policy give her the unique ability to advise on the emerging US offshore renewable energy market from a national point of view down to a detailed consideration of state by state project implications and opportunities.

Fara has been recognized by the US Department of Energy as a national leader in promoting a comprehensive, sustainable industrial development strategy for the US offshore wind sector.  She was a regional manager for the Massachusetts Coastal Zone Management Program and Principal of Good Harbor Consulting/Gloucester for 13 years, where she focused on regulatory analysis, strategic planning, convening and innovation at the intersection of environmental and economic opportunity.   Fara holds a Masters in Science Communications from Boston University and a Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University.

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